15 March 2017

Alexa, Who Poop?

14 March 2017

I guess this was inevitable

30 July 2015

A Hole in Number-2!

A "Serial Pooper" is turning the greens at this Norwegian golf course brown.

28 April 2014

Professional Poop Delivery Service. For that Special Someone.

25 April 2014

What Your Poop is Trying to Tell You

Nuggets of wisdom in this article on Gizmodo, of all places. Analyze your "dookie" for color, shape and texture.

The Venus de Milo of poops

15 April 2014

Just an anti-defecation PSA from India featuring Mr. Poo. No big deal.

15 October 2013

You know... for kids!

As you probably know, the Bristol Stool Form Scale (BSFS) is used to help patients, nurses, and doctors communicate about poop.
No, actually, I had no idea.
But the BSFS relies on images and descriptions that may not make sense to kids. The authors of today’s featured research article decided to help children visualize the BSFS, and hired an artist to turn the verbal scale (“type 1 as “rabbit droppings”, type 2 as “bunch of grapes”, type 3 as “corn on cob”, type 4 as “sausage”, type 5 as “chicken nuggets”, type 6 as “porridge”, and type 7 as “gravy”.”) into 3D models (left), complete with clear resin “toilet water” and a porcelain toilet to display them. Because how else would the kids differentiate floaters from sinkers?
And how. Article - Discover Magazine.